I’ve typically been that guy… you know, the one who, given enough time, can make most technological toys work for him.

I started playing with computers when I was young. Before long, I was the one programming the VCR, the microwave, and tinkering with the Nintendo. With each new round of technology, I seemed to be able to adjust quickly and figure things out.

That pattern continues through today. My attitude towards it has changed, though:

I just want it to work. No fuss, no trouble, technology needs to just do what it’s supposed to do.

The day I came to that realization was a big day. It’s more important that the stuff you’ve spent money on do what it was supposed to do, efficiently and well, than that it have a bazillion features.

The funny thing is, most people already knew that. But, NerdPowered is here to bridge the gap… we do the initial tinkering to ensure that you can power on your new computer and have it work. From time to time on the blog, you’ll find explanations of solutions that work and warnings about the solutions that don’t. Whether it’s your new computer, digital camera, cell phone, or home entertainment center, you’ll find solutions here that will simply work.

After all, you don’t have time for it not to.

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It should work!