I’ve done a couple of different things with this domain over the past few years. But I think I’m settling into what I want to accomplish. Allow me, if you will, to tell you a bit about myself:

I grew up nerd. I remember being introduced to an Apple IIe in first grade. I remember the Unisys Icon (yeah, I went to elementary school in Ontario) we got to play with the next year. By the time I was in fifth grade, my parents had become missionaries at a school for deaf children in Puerto Rico. That school had a very well equipped apple lab. They had just received their first Mac – an LC III.

A year or two later, the school got its first PC, a 486. Within days, I had installed Wolfenstein, and then — while uninstalling Wolfenstein — accidentally destroyed some fairly important startup files. Fellow nerds-of-the-era will get this: I deleted autoexec.bat on a Windows 3.1 machine. I panicked. I read everything I could.

And then, I figured it out. I fixed it.

It was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced. I broke it, yes. But I fixed it, too.

We got online not long after that. First, with just email. Then, we got internet access. Then we got broadband (well, what we considered broadband). I finished high school with one of the early online schools. It was great. I built my first website, and then some more. I got into trouble with my computer. I did great things with my computer. I helped other people learn how to use their computers.

Now, I’m a grown man with kids. My son recently got his first handheld device. It has an internet connection. That’s amazing and terrifying. What’s more, I’ve had my own battles with technology creep. It turns out that letting technology take over every corner of your life might not be the greatest thing.

So, then, this site. I love writing. I want to write about the intersection of Faith and Technology. I’m a Christian nerd, and I want to write from that perspective. I want to share ideas, thoughts, strategies, and reviews of things that have been helpful for my family as we engage life, faith and technology.

I hope it’s helpful. Have something particular you want to ask? Send an email to andrew@andrewmackay.net any time.

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